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Reshaped Seat.

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I had read a few reports the Valkyries seat was crap but also read a few people say it was the best seat ever. Each to there own and all that. Unfortunately for me it turned out to be the worst seat since the invention of the electric chair.

I mean bad. I put up with it for probably 2500k trying to break it in but nope. 40k's numb, 60 uncomfortable. 70k's sometimes I was standing up. I could do 250k+ straight on my Hayabusa but this was murder for me.

The bike I loved but the seat and my butt did not get along at all so I started looking at new seats with some desperation. None of them were really reaching out and grabbing me and the price in some cases was laughable so I did some googleing and fortunately for me I found a guy that did customizing of bike seats just 20 minutes away from me.

First up full disclosure on this, I get nothing from it. I have only met the guy once when he was doing my seat. He hasn't paid me for anything. I am just writing this because I like it when someone does a good job. I had it done early February and it is only now I appreciate how good of a mod it was.

This is Bill from Guzzler Seats. Here he is pulling my seat apart.

Once he has done that he puts it back on the bike and gets you to sit on it and takes note of how you sit and where the pressure points are. He then goes to the little room he has set up called the "Tardus" as in Doctor Who (Yeah he knows it is spelt wrong lol)

In the Tardus he sculpts the foam of the seat into a new shape.

He then puts in back on the bike, you sit on the bike again in the riding position, he checks how you are sitting, checks pressure points, back into the Tardus, rinse and repeat until I was sitting in the seat comfortably instead of on top of it.

The foam on my seat ended up looking like this.

Notice the big section sculpted out of it. That is where basically my pelvis was murdering me. Once the cover was put back on it looks completely stock unless you push it with your finger then you notice there is a hollow in the seat.

After I had this done I did around a 250k straight run in the sadle... amazeballs. I have since done 1100k ride days and just last Saturday I was in the saddle for one stretch for 3 1/2 hours straight.

Don't get me wrong the seat is still hard but I fit in it now so I can tolerate the monkey butt, I couldn't stand the actual pain I was getting before. After seeing his work I intend one day to go back and get a full custom job as his work he had there was outstanding. Have a look at his facebook page.

The cost was under $200 and I was there for something like 4 hours constantly chatting and it seemed like 30 minutes. The guy is quite a character and knows he stuff.

So the moral of this story is if you find the Valkyrie seat total crap you may not have to sell you soul to get a new one, there are definitely other options out there.
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Looks great. Too bad he is all the way in Australia because I need a new seat really bad. But, I will have to wait until winter because I have to send the seat away to get redone by Russell Daylong. They charge $600, and they will reuse my driver's backrest that I installed.
Yeah I know the feeling, all the ones I was looking at were miles away until I found him and discovered he was basically just up the road. $600 is also around what it would cost for him to a full custom so I am looking forward to that day. I wanted to do a similar shape but with some real nice materials he had available but he also suggested a single piece unit would work out nicely. We didn't go into any more because I didn't have the funds at the time but one day we shall see what we shall see.
I ordered a Corbin, and after 50 miles I am very happy with it, The gunfighter. Better support, less movement while riding. Now if the wife gets on it and is happy I won't have to buy another one.
I was going to buy the Corbin, but when I found out that the seat has to be removed to take off the side covers, I decided to go to Russell Daylong. I always wanted a Russell seat so this pushed me over the edge. I had a Corbin on my old I/S and I loved it.
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