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I've been going to a rally near Boone, NC for over 20 years. It's an Airhead BMW rally with usually about 140 people total there. It's laid back and the roads are great! The actually rally site is way back in the hills right next to a peaceful stream. (see attached link for directions and general information about the rally - "Gathering of the Clans.")

I will be there on my Valkyrie. Anyone on our site that might like to make this run and you are in the area - relatively speaking.... Come on down!
The people are great and no one cares what you ride - but, you will see some great old BMW airheads .... Maybe we can "piggy back" a Valkyrie Gathering here each year! I used to be an Airmarshal for this club and have had/rode several Airheads to this rally so I know the organizers - real well!
Anyone up for a great weekend !


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