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Prototype exhaust

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from the F6B forum: Looks good. if they go into production for the F6B, it would be easy to make them for the F6C.
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the site asks for registration to review those pictures. could you please post pictures here ?
I registered and still cant get to the pictures.
Fixed the access issue. The admin of the site has had so many issues with hacking, that he requires a call if the i.p.'s and zip don't match up. I use a VPN so my zip is in Virginia and my I.P came out of Calif.
here you go hope I'm not upsetting any one by moving the pictures. As everyone on the F6B site states these are really good looking. Now if they perform and sound as good as they look I'm all in!


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Really nice !!!
Now that's the sound and the price I'd like to know...
Any updates on the look and sound of theses on a bike? Maybe a sound clip?
Spark got back to me, they don't have pipes for the Valkyrie but they said to follow them on their FB page. We get enough interest they might come through.
I have e:mailed Jimmy at Toque Master. He stated he is working on a set and toque loops for the Valkyrie
i like them hope some one comes through with a good set that also sounds good

4 month ago I put Torq Loops from Torq Master Pipe on my new Valkyrie and it fit perfectly ; no hard work at all
What did you notice to be different with them installed? performance, mileage sound?
The sound with the Torq Loops's the same but I'd made 2 hole on each side of the exhaust where they was stuffy and now... the sound's GREAT !!! Big deep sound, really, very very deep, look like a Porsche or a Bmw with sport exhaust
you need to do a hole to the bottom because there are two walls
I'll try to put a video on YouTube... if I success
No Mufflers

Has anyone else just removed the mufflers all together? sounds awesome!
If you just remove the muffler it is really load, like a V8 on two wheels. I put headers and open cans on my 1998 Valkyrie that is in my photo albums. I was running a 205/55/16 car tire. Two brothers exhaust made an exhaust for the first F6 for a couple of years but can't get them anymore. I had two setup's one set of cans with the baffles in, and one set that was nothing more than a 6" by 3' aluminum tube. Had guys on wide open Harleys that would ride behind me because they said it was to load and annoying. The headers were single wall, so they had bad discoloring but had twice the air flow.


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1 - 20 of 41 Posts
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