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Powder Coat

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Finally got it back together I think it looks lot better in black.


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Here is a better picture of the rails and sissy bar.
Very nice. I am not a fan myself of the silver grab rails.
Looks good. I did the same thing with my bike. Why Honda went with silver is beyond me. Honda should have done them either black or chrome.
Looks Great! More pics please!

Did you order the black parts from Honda or did you have them powder coated?
I had them powder coated by a local company.

$30 dollars for each piece so 90 dollars total for all 3 pieces. The guy also told me that powder coat looks the same as paint and cost a fraction of the price. Plus way more durable the pieces look awesome.

Your bike looks great! Thanks for the photos! My bike is the color of your and I'm in the process of doing the same thing. It is nice to see the photos and what the finish product will look like.

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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