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Post a picture of your Honda F6C Valkyrie

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I noticed a couple of members have already received their Valkyries, post some pictures and share them with the community! :)
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In black it looks killer, which makes me wonder what the take rate on them is like vs blue.
I do not Like Black bikes usually.

But I have to say, that bike is pretty nice looking.

I like it with the chrome and polished highlights, I am not sure I would say that if all blackout.

Only thing I might do is a LED strip, between the plastic just above the cylinders, and the radiator, plastic cover, looks like a good recess there for some side lighting to be seen a little better.

Beautiful bike, Ride safe.
I like your Dainese devil logos on the gas tank.

Did you sell your old Valkyrie?

Here is my riding jacket:

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Yes it's a shame I sold my F6C 1500, it was taken over by the Honda garage to buy the new one.
Too expensive for me to keep 2 bikes
Dainese are good products, I had a leather racing suit when I was younger
Here's mine.....


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Past and Present


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Here are a couple of new pics of my 14 Goldwing Valkyrie F6C deluxe... still in love with it bigtime !! I think Xxyzzy said it best when he wrote about intangibles and the bike being greater than the sum of it's parts.

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It is one of these...

I strapped it to the grab bars, which doesn't look great, but at least it keeps everything off the paint.

What is on your passenger seat?
Thanks for the link!

If you have time could you take additional pictures of it? Maybe a picture of the mounting system?

I'll take some pics for you, the next time I take the tailbag off.
This video shows everything in detail, in the meantime.
I think I might have used the straps that the video says are for securing to tailbags, for securing to the grabrails.
I'm not sure I am remembering that correctly.
Anyway, the mounting system is super versatile. They give you more than you need, and no instructions, so you just figure out what is best for you.
For me, that was secure solid mounting and I wanted nothing touching the black paint.
It is working well, I use it on every ride, as I like to ride with empty pockets. Sometimes I carry lunch, or work shoes and a change of clothes. It works great.

Thanks for the link!

If you have time could you take additional pictures of it? Maybe a picture of the mounting system?

I have one of the old bags with bungees and it works pretty good. The side bags in the picture I got at for about $40 needed something for the first trip until I got the Honda hard bags.
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