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Passenger seat

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I have had my wife and daughter on rides of 2-4 hours and both complain of the seating position of the passenger seat and how it hurts circulation and they feel the bumps on their spines. Has anyone else encountered this and have you figured out a solution? Any help is appreciated.
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Ross, have you tried dialing in the suspension? The spring preload adjuster is located behind the left side cover. It is factory set at 18 clicks. I would turn the knob counter clockwise to soften up the spring tension. See page 77 in your small owners manual. :)
Thank you - I will play with it and hope it makes the rides more comfortable for them.
get them their own bikes ?
Only bike my daughter liked the rear seat on was the goldwing

I was,nt happy found the Honda ome seat uncomfortable brought dual corbin big differents 800km rides
I'm surprised you weren't complaining about the driver's seat too on long rides. Definitely not a comfortable seat either. Aftermarket is really the best solution. It's not cheap but everyone says the aftermarket seats make a big difference.
Stock seats are total crap, I got the all leather Corbin Dual Touring seat with driver backrest and the passenger backrest on the OEM Honda sissy bar, a great improvement..
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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