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I'm sure everyone here appreciates your investigation, especially those who change their own oil. Thanks for sharing that.

I would add though, that there's more to a filter than just filtration to consider. There's flow rate, for one. And I believe. on some models of cars, the stock filter has some sort of different flow process than an aftermarket does. A friend of mine mentioned something to me a while back about the concern for either his Honda or his Toyota, and he was fearful of the aftermarket because the aftermarket didn't have the same internal process. I don't know if that might be an issue here. Filtration paper pleating can be very different, and also what about the canister itself? I've read where some guys said aftermarket filters crumped in their filter wrenches, unlike OEM ones.

The WalMart filter may work perfectly well. I just wanted to point out that there could still be other issues. Myself, I stick with OEM just to be safe. I consider it cheap insurance. For all I know, the WalMart and the Honda brand come off the same factory line and just get labeled differently!:cool:

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