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Oil analysis after using a Super tech filter

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One of the riders on the VRCC forum posted the following.

I tried one of the Super Tech filters from Walmart. I hesitated because they changed suppliers a few times and I couldn't find information about the latest version. Then there's the price: how can a $3 filter work as well as a $10 automotive or $15 Honda filter? So I had the oil analyzed before and after the switch. Which means I didn't save money after all, but I was curious and others may be as well.

I ran the tests on my F6B since it gets ridden the most. The results should apply to GL1500s since GL1800s use the same filter, have similar internals, and yield very similar oil test results. I verified that with a test of my '98 Tourer in December.

The Super Tech filter worked great. All wear metal and contaminant levels were as good or better than they had been with the Bosch filter. This was the result I was hoping for. If a $3 Walmart filter gives the same result, I see no need to spend 3 or 4 times as much.

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I'm sure everyone here appreciates your investigation, especially those who change their own oil. Thanks for sharing that.

I would add though, that there's more to a filter than just filtration to consider. There's flow rate, for one. And I believe. on some models of cars, the stock filter has some sort of different flow process than an aftermarket does. A friend of mine mentioned something to me a while back about the concern for either his Honda or his Toyota, and he was fearful of the aftermarket because the aftermarket didn't have the same internal process. I don't know if that might be an issue here. Filtration paper pleating can be very different, and also what about the canister itself? I've read where some guys said aftermarket filters crumped in their filter wrenches, unlike OEM ones.

The WalMart filter may work perfectly well. I just wanted to point out that there could still be other issues. Myself, I stick with OEM just to be safe. I consider it cheap insurance. For all I know, the WalMart and the Honda brand come off the same factory line and just get labeled differently!:cool:

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