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OEM Power Outlet

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I have the outlet in place the small but very annoying challenge is removing the the 2-pin dummy connector. Ugh!!! I know to you master techs out here this sounds as ridiculous as I feel typing but safer to ask you all then to make mess of things in my state of frustration. So what is the key to removing this little pest?:eek:
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There is a small flange that has to lifted up so that it clears a stop. I had to use a flashlight to get a good look to see how to release the connector. I used a very small screwdriver to lift the flange up high enough to clear the stop. It didn't take much and it's all plastic so be careful not to break off the flange.
Whats the part number for that outlet?
lol at the price of that... no wonder they think the tire price is fair :D
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