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No longer an "almost owner". Now more questions.

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So I finally got my 2014 two days ago. Reminds me of my Star Yamaha Warrior, but on steroids!! Much more comfortable riding position than the Warrior or my FJRs too. Not really missing the FJR, yet anyway. BUT.....3 hours on the interstate at 50 degrees with a headwind and 20lbs in a backpack on the ride home with it.....not a lot of fun, lol.
So thanks to those who responded to my introductory post asking about the Honda tall screen. Is there anything else available for a guy at 5'9", 30" inseam that will keep the turbulence off and a good deal of wind? A quick release would be nice, National Cycle or another brand? Thinking the tall screen may not be the best for the real hot days ahead. I know I can't have everything though. And my 2nd all important Mean City Cycles a good, less expensive alternative, for now anyway, to a Laam or Russell? I need something more than the airhawk to help with the harshness over the lousy roads in my area. I was okay until I got closer to home. Thanks in advance for any advice on windshield alternatives and seats, and/or Mean City seat redo.
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I have the Mean City mod on my stock seat. I went with a Corbin and put it away. I would be willing to sell it. Send me a Pm if interested.
The best windscreen is the Honda Boulevard with an MRA spoiler on top to adjust it for the ride. I am 6'1" and the wind hits right at my neck with just the Boulevard.


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