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Hi new forum :)

Long time wrencher on metric bikes 35 yr, but always looking for the next tip or trick. Love working on older metric bikes. I seem to find a lot of XJ Yamaha's in my area so have a few.

Thought sense I picked up my first F6c today that I had better get in here and see what I need to do to my new girl. I know the carbs need help it has been sitting for well over a yr. I was able to ride her home today (about 12 miles) but I could tell she was sluggish. When I got home I noticed a vacuum leak on the left side chrome tub behind the carb. I am sure there should be a rubber tube on it but nothing there, definitely a vacuum leak. There is also a ticking from what sounds like the left side valve cover, didn't heat that on my test drive. I would guess the oil finally got warm and now it is ticking from being out of spec. I would guess with 75K miles on it never been done.

Any input as to what to look for right way is great. I will go through the brakes, removing pucks, cleaning and polishing, flushing and new fluid for all. Change oil and filter but may run some sea foam for a 8 mile loop to get rid of sludge.

Thanks for being here and hope to find all kinds of good info on my new cruiser.

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