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New to cruisers and surprisingly Excited

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Hey y'all, long story short made longer, I've had sport bikes and sport tourers alike, and wanted something I thought would get me away from the addicting neck snapping acceleration of those bikes. I figured a cruiser would be the best way to calm down, and with research, found the new gen valkyries very appealing and right up my alley. No one has a new valkryie up here in Canada, and since I like having the oddball toy among the groups, I looked and found a gem 2014 black abs with literally 7kms on it for 7gs off msrp. After more research, I decided to buy it over the phone thinking it would be great. Never riding anything like this before, it was quite a challenge doing the 250km highway cruise home with no windscreen. The seat was too hard, and the wind was hitting me very hard in the shoulders forcing me to stop every 50kms or so to take a breather. The seating position however was fantastic and to my surprise, torque and power of this baby was even more addicting and fun then my old gixxer 600! Not to mention how freaking good the bike looks! Shortly after, I ordered a Corbin dual tour seat with the t backrest, wind deflectors and oem Honda tall windscreen. Huge difference instantly and it made for an outstanding highway ride. 1900 happy kms later and I am one happy potato with this beast. I ride into work at 430am for a 100km ride one way with no issues at all. I'm getting 350 to a tank with many twists of the throttle throughout the tank on a very hilly highway.
All in all, I've never thought I'd be into cruisers, but I'm pleasantly surprised with this Honda, in almost every way, it's the ultimate cruising machine and I've never been more excited about a bike.
Happy to join the f6c community!


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Congrats on the new ride, and welcome to the forum!
Congrats! I share your enthusiasm and haven't seen another on the road yet.
It's like you read my mind. I did almost the exact same deal and I too am a Canadian. I'm interested in the Corbin dual seat and backrest. Could you tell me where you got it and roughly the cost. everything I buy for my Honda dealer just seems crazy expensive. Please let me know what you find for Saddlebags. Also I've done a fair bit of research because I run a lot of vehicles in our company and highly recommend at the end of the season change out your rad fluid, brake fluid and your clutch fluid. I also changed up my shaft fluid as soon as I hit 1,000 km and went synthetic. Enjoy.
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