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new saddle bags and corbin seat

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Here are pictures of Mutazu RS hard saddle bags. I used the original Honda mounting hardware with the stay modified. Cut off the two lower tabs and had them welded inward thus allowing me to mount the bag in 4 locations.


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I had a set of them on my bike for a little while. I found them too wide and mine leaked. Hopefully, yours will be better.
They look good .Did they mount up solid ? Interested in your modification to the brackets .
Hi Hot Rod. They mounted up very solid. The stays came with the mounting hardware for the factory Honda leather bags. So once I cut the lower tabs off the stays and had them welded couple inches aft and orientated inwards it allowed me to drill and mount the bag in four locations.

Now as for the quality of these hard cases, only time will tell. They are made of an ABS plastic and I am not sure how they will hold up but they are light.

I will see if I can get a picture of the stay.
Thanks ! They suit the bike better than the Honda leather bags I think. Great job !
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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