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New Rivco Pegs Installed!

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So i had the Kury pegs on but the 2" arms were just to short. The Valkyrie is just a tick longer than both my F6B and my GoldWing so the reach to the pegs was tough for me at 5'7". Just wasn't comfy. I was going to order the Ergo III pegs but they were really pricey. While chatting with the parts guy he said he had some Rivco pegs in stock. I'd heard of them but never tried them, they were the same price (discounted) as the Ergo III's and all about "it's in stock" lol.

I have to say what a **** nice piece of gear. Bolts nicely right on the valve cover. looks like part of the engine, has about 3" or so of adjustably front to back and works really well. They are very comfy. Makes the stock seat tolerable for a little longer because I can get my feet up to move the pressure points around.

Here are some pics installed, takes about 10 minutes, super easy.

This is the peg closed:

Peg Opened:

A couple more shots. The only slight downside is if your wearing slick shoes it's hard to catch the lip to fiip them out while riding. I can reach them so I just pull a little to get them started and kick open with my foot. Or open them when you set out.

I highly recommend these for your Valk. Keeps the nice sleek lines, no pegs hanging off the crash bars and it looks like it's part of the engine.
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These relaying feet are very well, but the price(prize) is here in France + 500 euros chrome-plated
it's a 100 Euro's less for the black ones. If you order from the states its $250 US from then just pay shipping! Much better with the exchange rate.
Just a tip. Shy away from being clever and having them cracked open a little bit so you can kick them open later and look cool. Either have them fully open or closed. They can catch on the front of your jeans when you put your foot down at a stop. I didn't drop it because my jeans came free but in that instant I saw a world of trouble.

Also I recommend closing the high side one when on the side stand. They are the Valkyrie equivalent of a cars tow bar when parked. You will only do it once :D
Wow my legs aren't anywhere near the highway pegs when I come to a stop. I can barely reach them stretched out lol...
Can you tell me what your inseam is? I am thinking about these and want to know if I can reach them. Looks like you have them adjusted in the closest position that's why I am asking. Gary
I have 30 inchs inseam and i can reach them at the closest position but i'm not confortable. Better with a 32 inseam. BTW i have the Corbin seat so i don't know with the OEM seat.
I have 30 inchs inseam and i can reach them at the closest position but i'm not confortable. Better with a 32 inseam. BTW i have the Corbin seat so i don't know with the OEM seat.
I think the Corbin seat moves the rider back an inch or so. Thanks for the info.
I also have a 29" inseam and with the stock seat I have no issues reaching them. I had the Kury hwy pegs on for awhile with the short arms, on the F6B and GoldWing I reach no problem but the Valkyrie it was too far away. The Rivco for me is perfect and they look way better on the Valk. I'm was almost tempted to get them for the other 2 bikes but the Kury's work great on those so I'm not in a rush to do it.
After trying some dodgy eBay ones I sensibly paid the extra for some Rivco pegs.

5 minute installation and they work a treat:

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