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HI everyone just returned home from picking up my brand new 2014 Red Valkyrie the bike had 0 miles on it and they were giving them away, practically... discounting $10,000 dollars of MSRP I was like... this I gotta see... after doing some research and taking a test ride I was sold... a little about me I have been a Harley Rider for about 20 years and owned 7 of those bikes... 2 of which were V-Rods so I am well accustomed to what a power cruiser is... I've always been fascinated by the flat 6 motor and was IN LOVE with the orignal Valkyrie I wanted one so bad.. and then suddenly they were gone... then they made the Rune and I was really in LOVE again but couldn't get the 26 grand together right away... and then THOSE were gone I wasn't even aware they had came out with a modern version, the bike is soooo smooth and so powerful and the torque is so useable in normal riding I am simply over the moon with this machine not to mention the well established reliability of the marque

a few questions though....

Can you REALLY? run 86 pump octane safely in the bike? coming from a high compression V-Twin and Mitsubishi 3000GT world I gotta ask

Is the max load limit on a essentially GoldWing minus the bags and fairing "really" only 370 Lbs??? that seems a little odd
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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