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July 3rd traded in my beloved 2013 FJR on a 2015 Red Valkyrie. I've owned cruisers including a 1998 Valkyrie Tourer and Harley Davidson's. Then discovered sport touring motorcycle's. 2008 FJR, 2010 R1200RT then back to a FJR. Fell in love with the power, handling and lightness of these bikes. I had my FJR set up just the way I wanted it, but also wanted a bike with more room for two up riding. Test drove a Indian Chief, V-Star 1300 and the new Valkyrie. I love the brute power of the Valkyrie and the sound of that flat six. My main concern about the Valkyrie was the lack of aftermarket parts to make this a viable two up cruiser. But after visiting this site a few times I am getting excited about the possibility's. Thanks to all the members posting their pictures and links to the improvements that they made to their bike.
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