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Greetings to all from Winnipeg. I already own a '13 F6B, love it, but recently test drove a '15 F6C. I really would like to get a '15 black Valk as a second bike to complement my F6B. They are truly different bikes. For around town and short blasts on the road the F6C would be perfect for me. Of course, the obligatory tall windscreen and Corbin hard bags would be at the top of my accessory list, as well as a chrome Kury kickstand, the new socalmotogear fog/driving/turn LED package, and Honda passenger backrest and luggage rack.
I'll be reading lots and perhaps asking a few questions. If anyone wants more info about the F6B, I have done lots of mods to mine (digital gear readout, speedohealer, tried Rush mufflers and quickly removed them, fork brace, Rivco aero highway pegs, HID with startup delay low beams, Muth LED mirrors, Brakeaway throttle lock, grip puppies, Kury mini drop front floor boards, Kury transformer passenger floorboards, voltmeter, Baggershield 11/19 windscreen, TIR3 flashing additional brake light, etc)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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