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New Lucky Valkyrie owner and Forum member

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Hello, everyone.
I'm the lucky owner of Valkyrie since the last week. Looking forward to get tons of helpful info on forum and share my own experience and knowledge.
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Welcome Kyryll, you made the right choice and I wish you a lot of fun driving your new bike
I do love it but there are some strange solutions that I don't understand :)
I have several questions to Honda engineers:
1 - why do they have hoses for front breaks split on the right side of the fender ?
2 - why do they put throttle wires in the middle of the head lamp ? I understand that those need a special route but still questionable solution.
3 - why do they have different distance of exhaust pipes from the rear wheel ? I've checked at least 5 bikes and all of them have same different :) distance.
4 - why fuel cap opening process is so complex :)
I have several more things that are strange but I still love the bike. And probably all of those solutions are some compromises from engineer's perspective.

Please share your thoughts :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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