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New from Southern Utah

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Howdy All. Tomorrow I will become the proud owner of a 2014 F6C. Although I am a long time Honda fan/owner, I have been exclusively involved with the in-line 4's. Owned a 1976 CB550, then moved up to 2003 750 Nighthawk, and most recently a 2013 CB1100. I am truly looking forward to the larger cruiser experience. More important, looking forward to picking up tips from y'all.
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I think you've already learned the most important lesson: ditch the in-line fours.

They're great for sport bikes...... they didn't translate so well into the modern "cruiser" motorcycle world though. I think going from in-line four cruisers to the Valkyrie, you'll be immediately satisfied.

Although I did enjoy the well captured retro styling of the new CB1100, mechanically I was not impressed.

Where are you buying it and how much ??, if you do not mind me asking
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