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New Exhaust Collector, am considering ?

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just some old hand sketches I did while sitting out the rain the last couple of months, couldn't get in much riding. So peeking under the skirt of this girl and seeing how Honda plumbed the exhaust. impressed? not much. efficient? ok, its a Honda. everything they do works pretty well. I am not crazy about that inverted U shaped crossover tube. I know it necessary considering the mufflers volume differentials.
then of course reading the few,, ahem one only market option tork loops. yes it is more better than stock. not particularily impressed. So I sketched out this first 50x50 manifold design I thought would be simple ez to fabricate and utilize the existing mufflers. keep in mind the stock radiator overflow bottle has to be moved. to the tool box area is a big hole in the middle of this airframe.

the manifold I really want is the 6 in 1 with Left side exit. stick a big can on that side and clean up the right side drive line.. I have other ideas about the right side of the bike that this will facilitate.

this is not a today project and will get run by a number of other engineers for critique feedback. If I were to commission a welder to build this for me, I may have the 3 in 1 headers from the engine exhaust completely redone so that they are exposed and showing their bones. I will need to find the correct silencer for this set up.


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A 6 into 2 into 1 to show off the single sided swing arm would be cool.
A 6 into 2 into 1 to show off the single sided swing arm would be cool.
rw, well that would be the benefit of bringing it all together on the left side and leave the right side drive line exposed.. tho that is not my intended purpose, often things just fall into place.
I will have to consider relocating that right side radiator.. I do have ideas, but that is for later.

what I am contemplating is rigging this sled for larger travel purposes.. I have several options to consider.
A; trailer (yuk!) unless it was one of MY coloring outside the lines creations, too complex detail for this thread.
B; have considered but keep kicking this down the road, front end. they do this model Goldwing, so my F6C is appro chassis for this. I am not ready to go there (yet). but that would make a trailer more stable.

C. where I think I really want to push this thing is have my welder fab aluminum subframe with side wheel on the right. this would be a quick disconnect, simple 2 point floating ball attachment to the F6C frame. rear attachment in front of rear wheel centerline. front attachment to the frame behind front wheel centerline with adjustable height above the rear attachment height. this adjustment will allow for dialing in the correct amount of Canter in the side 3rd wheel. this outside wheel actually tracks in toward the lean and stabilizes the front wheel.
the purpose of this Flex Floating subframe is that it will allow the bike to Lean and it will follow the lean. This is not a new concept. there are several of this concept already in service in the Euro theater mostly affixed to beemers.
I would build a fiberglass or Kevlar body to provide secure lockable carrying a schitt load of camp gear and weaponry for solo travel.. and could double up as passenger safety cage for grandkids and their pooches making ice cream runs. only if momma approved. so far I have been threatened I could be fired for suggesting such an activity. they cant fire grampas, can they?
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