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need advice

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hi from the boston area. I need some advice i am currently on a 2003 honda vtx 1800c ,and i am looking at a 2014 valkyrie with 15000 miles they are asking 10000. i was wondering for that is a good price for the milage? and if there is anything i need to look out for with the Valkyrie? any info is appreciated.
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Considering the fact that new, 2014 Valkyries are pretty much gone, that price is actually not too bad.
Tell the seller you know a place where they were selling NEW ones for $9999.
Which is true!!

As of 1 year ago, there were still 2014s and 2015s available.
The 2015s sold out before the last of the 2014s, strangely enough.

I just bought my 2014 Valk last month in Manchester, NH. When I put a hold on it, my dealer told me that it was one just 3 new, in-the-crate Valks he had left. All 3 were black ones.
When I picked it up last week, I learned that it was the last one driven from his lot, and now they are GONE.
I paid $9999 - a very good deal.
Ironically, I believe I could sell it for more than that right now, simply because new leftovers are no longer available!!
All I can say to you is...if you really want a Valkyrie, don't wait too long. There are not very many of them around.
Don't miss out.
It's a completely awesome ride.
I know that, because I, too, was a VTX 1800 owner.
The 1800 was pretty awesome.
All the power you need.
The Valk will dust it....
Tell your seller that you know that Naults Honda in NH was selling them for $9999, and try to bargain the price down to 9.
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