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My Valkyrie

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I already have a Kawasaki Z900, and I was looking for a motorcycle for an acquaintance, and he kept rejecting all my suggestions .. and then I chanced upon a Valkyrie. It could not take my eyes off, and I wanted a tourer for longer rides. and so, I ended up buying it, and the price was great. It already had Corbin Seats, Breakway Throttle lock, Phone holder, Gustaffson windshield (but this was too short for me) and more..

Initially, I thought I made a mistake with my purchase. It was huge, not used to the size, and I thought it would ride me rather than the other way round. But, I am getting used to it, and I am loving it so much that, I am finding that I am riding this more than I ride my z900.

Oh, I also completed a IBA ride (1000 Miles/24Hrs) with this.. and apart from a few hitches (like the fact that I needed a better windshield, and a better footpeg), this was amazing... very comfy ride.

The engine/exhaust note is orgasmic :)

Now, Just need to adjust the handlebars, get a better windshield, and explore options to plug a decent speaker system...
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Now, Just need to adjust the handlebars, get a better windshield, and explore options to plug a decent speaker system...
rp, check out ROX Risers at JP cyle or other online resellers. also just put Bluetooth earbuds in your head holes and you can stream most anything from your eye fone. Car Apps gps system, that sexy lady voice will step on your music and tell you not to miss your turns. but it cant help with the video images playing in your head.
Congratulations on your new ride.Enjoy. Also congrats on your Iron Butt ride, your now one of 60,000 people world wide to complete one. My friends are leaving on one tomorrow 6/15 at 5:00 am. I will be there as a witness since i mapped it out. I have done a few but my back is shot. So I'll be there to witness them out and congratulate them at the finish.
IBC would make more sense if it was from whatever launch point to a worth while destination 1k miles away. Now that would be something I would do IF for some odd reason I needed to be there in 24hrs. but do ride the big slab in the ditch among noisy cars and smelly trucks for 500 miles just to turn around and ride it back..? just seems like a waste of time, gas, tires and miles on your bike.. you didn't even go somewhere other than the gas stations... Why not just ride the outside big loop around a city 50 times and rack up the 1k.? that should qualify as bragging rights and you could stop at your own place every other hour for a break and a rest. somebody should submit that itenary to IBC.
Nice choice of bike Ram. Congratulations on completing your IBA SS1000M ride, too.

With some considered additions the Valkyrie is easily good enough to do a 50CC. Believe me.

And thumbs up to Jambriwal for doing the gas station witness duties. The Iron Butt /LD community is strong. I've met and been met by dozens of other long distance riders in the middle of the night for a quick chat, sign a form and pat on the back. Great bunch of riders.
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