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Modified MPG results

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I know there's a post in here somewhere about fuel mileage but I can seem to find it.

Anyway, I had a chance to check my MPG on a good trip this weekend. Keep in mind my modifications: Cats removed, aftermarket mufflers (with baffles in), K&N air filter, ECM reflashed tune.

Riding two up, with luggage and a backpack, from 500 ft above sea level to approx. 5,000 feet, 1/2 way on interstate averaging appxo. 80 mph with a couple burst of 100 mph, then up the mountain roads fairly aggressively. 214 miles average 43.6 mpg. Day 2 was all on the blue ridge parkway, 4,500 ft to 6,000 ft, aggressive riding when possible then lower gears in traffic part of the time. Average 44.1 mpg.

I feel confident on a steady hwy cruise at 70 mph and level ground solo, it will be upper 40's, 45+ mpg or better.
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Here are the link.
I have removed my cat Torq Master exhaust and I got close to 50 MPG my last ride to ocean city bike week in Maryland. Single rider at 60-70 MPH
According to Fuelly, I get 45 AVG, and my best has been 47. I have been riding a 50/50 mix of city and country.
I get about 43 mpg's each fill up. 2000 miles on bike, Honda saddle bags, 55 litre top box, tall windscreen, always solo, 1/2 hywy @ 75 mph, 1/2 country rds @ 60 mph. Not an aggressive rider, weight 280 lbs.
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