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Corbin Gunfighter seat listed hear again alongside other stuff I found after the Valk is gone. Let me adjust the price to $250 shipped to lower 48 states. This was custom made for me at 6’1” and 32 inseam. Sits higher and further back than normal.

ZUMO 660 gps made for motorcycles. Waterproof and vibration resistant for bikes. This was hardwired straight to the bike so you cannot plug it in a regular port Also has car adapter that does and case. RAM handlebar mount and cover included. Maps were updated last month. $185 shipped to lower 48.

SunShade seat cover. Google this for information. If you ride to work or your bike sits in the sun all day this is a wonderful invention. $35 shipped. It is a little sun bleached but works great. X Large size for big bikes.

ROX 2 inch risers. $40 shipped to lower 48.

Also have OEM brackets and pegs along with Kuryakan pegs (not pictured). The Kury pegs are not in great shape. Chrome is peeling and they have scrape marks on the bottom too. $10 just to cover the shipping for brackets and pegs.

MRA spoiler that attaches to the top of your windshield for extra protection. $30 shipped to lower 48.

Sorry for the upside down pictures.


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