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I need to move the mirrors out and up. I would also like to go to black instead of chrome.

Will any mirror that works on the 1500 Valkyrie work on the new 1800 Valkyrie? Any recommendations?

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Mirrors are usually pretty easily transferred between bikes since they just bolt on mostly.

Are you looking for bar end mirrors, or ones the stick up instead?
x2 on the bar ends, those are my personal favs. I find too many stock and aftermakret mirrors will only show you your shoulders...
Thanks, just looking for mirrors with longer stems, the stock mirrors hit the J&M CB and are her shoulders. It looks like 10mm are.common bolt size.for.a lot of.metric.bikes.

I don't think she would like bar end.mirrors.
I ordered a kickstand pad from a company I had never heard of and they have some interesting mirrors too. They're called kiwav motors. Check out their website and let me know if you find anything you think will work well.
I find that they sell a lot of parts like this on ebay, so you could try looking around there. You also have a pretty good chance at getting them for cheaper through ebay so that's another benefit.
even amazon is a good place to check and i think they're more strict on their vendors so likely you won't have to worry much about dealing with a horrible vendor.
eBay does a good job of showing you who can be trusted. People rate the vendor when they buy from them to say that they got everything, and that it was on time, etc...

Definitely the most selection you'll find is online though.
they sure do.

when it comes to selection they are indeed the best, i don't think as many companies list themselves on amazon.
Not for car parts I think. TBH I don't use Amazon that much, but I know people in the states use it all the time. I know they sell a lot of stuff, but I'm not sure if they are into car parts that much. It just seems more like an eBay thing. You could also just order straight from the manufacturer on their website I'm sure.
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