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Michelin Commander II 200/55 17 on bike info.

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I decided to do this because why not. I have just burned (literally) the 3rd PR4 so I wanted to try something different and also the thought of a wider rear on the bike has always appealed to me.

Be aware right off the bat that this tire is outside the guide lines for this rim size as far as I understand it. I believe it recommends a 185 as the upper level for our 5.5" rims. As such some people probably quite rightly recommend not to do this. However if you are interested then here is some info for you.

Firstly... a final send off for my 3rd PR4 GT :)

General info.
OEM = 180/55 R17
What went on = Michelin Commander II 200/55 R17

I went down to the bike shop and asked them about the possibility of fitting said rim if I bought the wheel down. They were a little concerned about damaging the rim while trying to put the rim on so they wanted to see it first.

On inspection they said "yeah no problem, want it now?". Yes. yes I do. When it came out it did look pretty sweet I am happy to say, they even commented on it.

Trying to fit it to the bike wasn't quite as straight forward. My ATV jack can only go so high and the rubber was catching on the wheel studs. With the normal rubber I can slide it in and out. Not this time. If I could have lifted higher then probably no problem but I decided to stop messing around and pulled the left pipe off. No issues after that.

First visual impressions:
I understand this is all subjective but to me it became total win. It is only 20mm difference but it just hit the right spot. It is not a 240 but it doesn't look undersized anymore... it looks sweet!

Ride impressions:
I did around 550k's (341m) on Saturday and for me... well it just felt like I was riding my Valkyrie. Your mileage may vary but I don't know any other way to put it. It didn't seem to behave in any different way then normal. I know there must be some change there but perhaps the best part of half a metric tonne doesn't really care about a 10% gain in rear tire width? All I can say is I had a great ride and had it far enough over many times to be really damaging my actual pegs (I got new pegsavers on order, probably new pegs again if they don't get here soon hah). I did not run it at upper levels of speed performance but I do like to get her over on back to back corners.

Wet weather performance?:
NFI but I highly doubt they will be in the same class as the Pilot Road GT's. The PR4's had amazing wet weather grip but that will have to wait until it rains again and will update when I get to try it.

Here is a bunch of photos showing as best I could the clearances. Also there is one shot of the Speedo'/GPS. For the most part the actual road speed is spot on and I had to do some searching to find a few frames where the Speedo' and the GPS disagreed slightly.

In short for me... totally happy with the whole deal so far. I will update on long term and wet when these things occur.

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If you get half the smile on your face as I did you will be pretty happy with it. Probably the one thing I have never done before was stand there and stare at its arse end and like the whole thing. There was a huge improvement when I put the bags but still... meh. Now I love the package, absolutely stoked on it.
I received my tire today. Now I understand why this tire, a 200 will fit and my 205 did not. This tire only measures a tad wider than 185mm at it's widest point.
Now this is not unusual as most tires don't match the sidewall dimensions exactly, but I thought it would explain to several people on here. And that is why this tire will fit.
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I just went and measured the tire on bike and with a board on each side of the tire so I could measure it with reasonable accuracy. I got 198mm which is a long long way really from 185 and for all practical purposes a 200, accounting for error I have no issues with calling it a 200.

My previous tire was a pr4 gt 180 (it came in at about 180mm) and I can tell you without reservation this tire is significantly bigger looking to everyone that has seen it which a mere 5mm will not show, in fact I didn't expect a 200mm difference to make the visual impact it did. Fitting the bugger also clearly pointed out it was much larger as I had to pull the pipe.

We are talking the same tire right as we seem to have a large difference in numbers?

Just had a thought, you got it inflated on the rim when you measured it? No matter what the tire on my bike right now is a long way even accounting for errors from a 185 and made a significant improvement to the looks of the thing.
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Michelin Commander II Cruiser Radial Rear Tire 200/55R17
$170.88 1 $170.88
Here is what I ordered and it is stamped 200 55r 17
Sounds like the one but I can't understand what amounts to a pretty big difference in size. Have you mounted it yet or just the rubber as it sits?

BTW if you haven't remember I had to pull the pipe but I have heard that you can let the air out to get past the studs. I don't know if that would of helped in my case but only 3 bolts on the pipe made it an easy fix.
I don't have it mounted up yet as I still have miles left on my current tire. When I mounted my 205 ct I was able to get it in past the studs with little trouble. It rubbed on both sides though once installed.
I would suspect that was because of the shape of the car tire. Flat on the bottom and bulges on the side wall where a bike tire is curved on the tread and the tread is its widest point, not the side wall. Anyway I can assure you it fits, is 200 wide when it is on the bike and looks a lot better then the PR4 GT I had on there, by a long way :)
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