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M1 Brake Light Flasher

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I put the M1 Brake Light Flasher on my Valk for the upper brake light that I installed a couple of years ago and it works awesome. It is only $20 as well. I am sure that you could hook it up to the main brake light, but I wanted something up higher to be seen. The multitude of settings on this unit is really nice, so you can have it just the way you want it. You don't have to just go with one setting. I already had the upper brake light installed, so I just tied the flasher unit directly in. It took more time to take off the seat than it did to install the flasher. they also give you all the connectors that you need. A definite nice to have for safety reasons.

They also have a video on the set up.
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Do you have a picture of it on your bike?
I didn't take a picture. It is just a little 3/4" square box about 1/8" thick with 5 wires coming out of it. The black wire hooks up to a ground. The Yellow wire goes to the wire from the brake. The Red wire goes to the brake light. The white and blue wires are to set the flashing brightness, how many flashes, etc. I put is under my seat and I tie wrapped it to the bar that goes across the bike.
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