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Looking for recommendations for 2014 Valkyrie parts

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Looking for recommendations and suggestions for hard bags, trunk, windshield, back rests, floorboards, and heel toe shifter. If you have some you really like and have some pictures to go with it so I can see what it looks like that would be great as well.
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Can’t help with hard bags as I have soft bags and no trunk but I do have the Honda “Tall” windshield, which I like better than the short Gustaffson it came with. I also installed black floorboards that came with HT shifter and new brake lever. Got them off Amazon for a couple hundred I think. I went with the Bakup drivers backrest and I also have an Airhawk seat cushion which really helps on road trips. A lot. Worth every penny.

U may also be interested in adding highway pegs, which are a great addition on long rides as well. I just installed the black Kury Ergo 2 which replaced the crappy Chinese chrome knockoffs I had previously. Heavy duty and well made. I’ll see how they hold up long term as I’ve had other Kury products on my VTX that didn’t do well.

This thread link shows a pic with my old ass and the shield, backrest, cushion and floor boards but with the previous highway pegs.
Here is what I did to make my bike just for me.
1. Russell Daylong seat. The OEM seat is a POS.
2. Saddlebags. Made my own mounts and put a set on from a 1999 Valkyrie Interstate. Tsukayu Strong bags are cheaper and easier to put on using the OEM Honda stays. Relocated rear signs lights.
3. Handlebars. Made custom bars to suite me. Wiring, throttle cables and hydraulic clutch and brake lines extended 8".
4. Ergo 3 highway pegs. Changed out the pegs for mini boards
5. Kuryakyn floorboards
6. Kuryakyn heel-toe shifter
7. Powder coated valve covers
8. Powder coated front cover
9. Painted from forks
10. Shark Radio system
11. Custom cut windshield. Got a 33" Goldwing windshield and cut it to my specifications.
12. Changed all chrome covers to black. Gas tank bezel, meter bezel and headlight bezel
13. Avon grips. OEM grips sucked
14. Painted side covers black to match bike. Don't know why all of them are that awful grey.
15. Torq Loopz. Removed the cats and put Torq Loopz instead. Eliminated drone from Rush pipes.
16. Rush Exhaust with 2.25" baffles.
17. Painted Rush Exhaust black with VHT paint.
18. Custom short backrest for passenger seat.
19. Progressive rear spring
20. Center stand. Center stand was off a full wing.
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