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Looking for an electrical genius

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I wonder if we have a member on the forum who is a real genius when it comes to Goldwing F6C electrical system? If so, I have an interesting challenge for them. If you know someone who knows the electrical system inside and out, have them post here.
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Well, what's the problem or what are you trying to do?
Have LED fog lights that have the ability to act as trun signals (Amber Color). The issue is on the F6C there is only green (ground), Orange (left) and light blue (right)wire for the turn signals.
The LED lights have two wires white and yellow each side.
Currently the lights are set up with the white wire. When flashers and or turn signal are utilized the white flashes. The yellow wire needs to be connected. Question is what location?
Here's an installation video for a goldwing.
I just can't get into the video right now but it's midnight and I've been celebrating someone's birthday.

I'd rather have a wiring diagram of the Valkyrie and a wiring diagram of a 2012+ Goldwing to compare as I watch the video. Reading diagrams is easy, watching that video was killing me.........
I have an interesting opportunity for a Valkyrie owner in the DFW area regarding LED Driving Lights.

I produce installation videos for motorcycle aftermarket accessory companies and I may have a new, yet-to-be-released (and very cool looking) LED driving light kit for a F6C Valk. The company has hired me to shoot an installation video for these new lights on an F6C.

If you live in the DFW area and own an F6C, here's the deal. If you let me use YOUR bike for the video shoot, you will get a FREE set of the LED Driving lights*! I will need your bike at my studio (garage) for at least 5 hours to shoot all the photos and video and to perform the install. You can see the video that I did for these lights on my own 2012 Goldwing here

If you are interested, you can email me at [email protected]

* The driving lights installed will be a pre-production kit.
Cruiseman who is a member, is filming an installation on the Valkyrie with that very same kit. ;)
Yes, Goldstar your correct and I'm the lucky guy with the F6C. Curiseman and I ran into the above situation. Mr. Tappan hoping you had a great time....I unfortunatley dont have wiring diagrams availble to upload. Any assistance would be GREATLY appericated....

Alright, I'll try to watch it again and see if I can help.
Ok. According to the Goldwing wiring diagram:

Each solid color wire on each side is a signal input.
Each striped wire is a running light signal.
Green is of course ground (like on most Hondas)

They connect to a single terminal on the bulb and each wire has a diode. Meaning the bulb is getting X amount of voltage from the running light all the time and then X amount of voltage from the signal wire when the blinker is activated. The diode keeps the electricity only flowing in one direction (which is of course toward the bulb so it doesn't feedback into system).

Without seeing a diagram of the Valkyrie, I would wager it uses the same setup. Trace that orange and light blue wire back as far as I can and find the split where to two wires come together. That would be my guess as to how they wired that system. Of course I was completely unable to find a wiring diagram of the new Valkyrie........

If someone on the forum has a service manual for them and can scan (and email in secret) a picture of the wiring diagram then I can 100% tell you for sure how it goes.
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mrtappan, thanks for the help. Actually, the wiring on the Valkyrie is different. There is only a single solid color wire and a ground going to each turn signal, perhaps because the Valk employs LED lights, not sure.

These fog lights have white LED DRLs and yellow LED turn signals. The DRLs are wired with a WHITE wire and the turn signals with a YELLOW wire. This is no problem on the Goldwing because there are two different wires, one for the running light and one for the turn signal (as you mentioned in your post).

On the Goldwing/or F6B, the white DRLs remain on all the time. When the turn signals are engaged, the white DRLs go off and the yellow LED turn signals flash (on the side receiving the turn signals).

As a hack (until we come up with a solution), we wired the white DRL wire into the only wire available on the Valk. We left the YELLOW turn signal wire unattached. My thinking was, it was better to have the white DRLs functioning. Problem is, when the turn signals are engaged, the white DRLs flash because they are basically working just like the LED turn signals on the bike.

Another issue that I noticed was the white DRLs do not seem as bright on the Valk as on my Goldwing. Perhaps there is not as much voltage coming from the turn signal wires on the valk (again, because it is an LED) to drive these white DRLs.

My gut instinct says we need to wire the DRLs directly to the battery to give them enough power to be as bright as they need to be. Then, not sure where to tap into for the fog light turn signals. It has to be a source that is OFF until the signals are engaged, then flashes ON when the turn signals are engaged. Even then, I will have to check with SoCal to see what they will do to the white DRLs, but I suspect they can handle that.

Thanks for any help.
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Well theoretically, a Valkyrie wiring diagram is on its way via email. so hopefully we can get to the bottom of this.
My guess was wrong. The turn signals only have a single wire that goes back to a "turn signal relay" which probably isn't just a relay. It has way too many wires so it's likely some electronics. Also it has a standard turn signal relay on top of the other "relay."

I can't tear my bike apart today but I will be able to take mine apart tomorrow and put the meter to it. I'll try to track down the actual "turn" signal supply line if it has one.........
Looking at the wiring diagram, the turn signals/daytime running lights are controlled by what they refer to as a "turn signal relay." The "turn signal relay" is likely more like a "turn signal control module" as it has twelve wires going to it. Tied into the twelve wire "relay" is a standard four wire relay which is also labeled "turn signal relay."

So Honda didn't make the most descriptive diagram. It's likely the twelve wire relay controls the voltage to the signals using electronics. Which could be tedious if the electronics simply control that one wires voltage, then it may not be possible to simply tap into a wire since it could use several methods to actuate the blinker if thats the case.
I take it the guy that sells these that claims they work on a Valkyrie never actually installed one on the new Valkyrie?
Sounds like the company wants him to do all the testing and working out the bugs for them so they don't have to. I don't think I'll be buying from them if they can't do some R&D before sending them out to create a how to video. Good luck with the install!
I got too busy in my shop to mess with the blinkers. I have time this week as I have to pull my rear tire for a tire change (roofing nail). So my bike will actually been in my shop to tinker with.

Have you had any luck on your end?
I'm beginning work on a "switch box" to drive the turn signals on that kit, have a post in Tech Talk...
I'm beginning work on a "switch box" to drive the turn signals on that kit, have a post in Tech Talk...
It seems that the fix has been found.
Low-tech solution for wiring pathfinder halo lights as signals

GL1800C F6C Low-tech solution for wiring the pathfinder halo lights using 4 relays to allow the amber rings to be used as turn signals.
This home made diagram mostly shows the left signal system's 2 relays and orange wires. Connect the 2 right side relays to the indicated blue wires in the same way. Hope this is helpful.
simply use 2 diodes.

tap in to the left turn signal wire add a diode ( positive side)
tap in to the right turn signal wire add another diode (positive side)

connect both negative sides of the diodes to the yellow wire.
connect the white wire to the low beam wire
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