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Long Time VTXer now a Valker

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(If that is a Word)

After many years of customizing and getting my 1800X to perfection I test rode a 14 Red Valkyrie last Saturday here in San Jose. I was so surprised by the power and smooth excelleration I jumped on a sweet deal of $7,800 with only 1,350 miles.

The riding position feels like I’m on top of the bike instead of in it. Assuming a Corbin seat with backrest will get me back to my comfort zone. I already put 3” Rod risers on which helps. Since this will be a year round commuter I’ll heat the handlebars, door and gate buttons, side mount licence plate, see if my 205 Yokohama has any chance of fitting then new pipes. (noticing less cars moving over w splitting because I’m too quiet w stock pipes)

I did some research here before purchasing and now look forward to communicating and learning more from this site along with sharing my progress.

Retired USAF Aircraft Elect/ Avionics
Current NASA UAV Avionics/ A&P Mech.
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Welcome you will enjoy your new ride.
Welcome ! I'm also a long time VTX (13 years) owner who has converted. The feet forward riding position on the X was killing me after about an hour in the saddle. I've put a Corbin gunfighter on Valk ,fog lights,gps,phone&charge mounts,windshield. Currently working on storage (hard bags)so I'm almost there ! All I can say is this bike is no heavier than my X & does everything better ! Smoother,faster,quieter & better balanced ! It will out-handle a VTX any day of the week as I'm sure you will notice .......Rod
You'll like it. You might find the super smooth power torque curve kinda boring at first since it's not abrupt like a twin but you'll know you've made a good choice. It's so smooth you're almost unaware you went 0-80 in like 7
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