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Liquid Glass Ultimate

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Our paint is fragile and seem to have no clear coat , so i put only 2 coat of the Liquid Glass polish and wow , this product is wonderful for our poor paint finish.....
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this product is highly regarded for our GL paint (only gloss not matt)

I tried to get some around Montreal but only found it on Amazon with a shipping price = the bottle ...

May I ask where did you get that Liquid Glass? thanks , $29 usd shipped by UPS , no brokage fee. Ca vaut la peine.
grae stuff i like it alot,i got 3 coats so far going for 4 coats,that should be enough for a while,shines like a dimand.
I am very happy with the paint so far, it is smooth as glass and shines like a babies a$$. Haven't had it long enough to scratch it yet. A long time ago a Pro Yacht Detailer posted on another M/C forum that Dupont Teflon Spray Wax has shown him the most durable coating of anything he ever used. I been using it for years, smells real bad so it must work good. Available everywhere, must be under $10 or I prolly wouldn't have bought it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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