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A while back I purchased some covers from Kuryakyn. I thought they looked great and would provide instant "bling"


Their "mini" floor boards do not leave me enough room to shift the bike even on the furthest hole setting. I told Kuryakyn about this and they can not help me since I mounted them on the bike. They look good though.

The chrome valve covers fell off even though I followed their install instructions step by step. I even went and purchased new tape from them for this purpose and they still fell off. They also looked good.

Their chrome brake pedal has a slightly different bend to it and it sits lower on the bike compared to the stock one no matter what spline settings you selected ; took that off also, but at least it looked good

I have the engine timing cover also, but I won't be installing that since I'm sure it will also fall off........ But it looks good

I hope you can appreciate my sarcasm regarding these items, but I have NEVER dealt with such junk and lack of proper customer service

This is just my experience, and I'm not trying to offend Kuryakyn, just spare someone else the grief who chooses to buy it
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Kuryakyn's primary customer base is Harley riders. They're used to stuff falling off so.........

I have a set of their floorboards with heel/toe shifter on my Valkyrie. I like them but they're famous for having bad chrome.... just waiting on mine to peel.
I'd pull them off and have them power coated. Sucks that the product isn't better but if you like the look of the hardware its worth the extra $
That's what I did with my windshield hardware.
Sadly, with the Valkyrie's nonexistant aftermarket support, I'm not sinking any money into mine. Not like they'll give me more for it at trade in because it has aftermarket stuff. I just kept all my stock junk to put back on it.

Realistically, I don't see a worthwhile replacement being made anytime soon so I am going to be riding it for a bit. The only realistic option is to do what many Valkyrie riders already did..... trade in on an F6B. I hate the front fairing though so I'm going to wait. I wish Honda made a "Street Glide" style tourer. That'd be nice. Nice radio in a fairing and hard bags without the gaudy GW front or trunk.........
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