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Just finished installing the Kisan P115W-H3-VK4 plug and play LED headlight modulator on my Valk, and it works great. Had pictures, but they corrupted when I tried to move them from my pad to my computer. Should have just copied... I retook two pictures of how I removed the headlight cover, can't upload a video. Really do not want to disassemble the front-end again.

Getting to the back of the headlight to install the module is a pain. I used a phone cover removal tool to remove to cover, then removed the rear fork covers.

I then removed the four screws for the headlight and front cowl (one assembly), and leaned it outward far enough to undo the zip harness retainers to loosen the harnesses.

Before installing the modulator, I sprayed a silicone conformal coating on the wire attachment connector (under the yellow cap) to seal out moisture. I did check the wire ends first, and they were nicely soldered by Kisan before being inserted into the screw clamp and tightened down.

After unplugging the harnesses, I unplugged them and removed the assembly. I did not disassemble any further for my purposes.

I drilled the hole to mount the sensor in the top center of the cowl (see pictures), just behind where the cover attaches, mounted the sensor with the black plastic fitting, and ran the cable so it would pass through the zip harness retainers on the right side. I then wrapped and zip tied the excess cable. The right side is where the headlight connector is, and where I wanted to mount the modulator.

The modulator really was plug and play; I plugged the modulator in to the headlight connector, and plugged in the light sensor cable. I used 3M tape to secure the modulator behind the right cowl vent, and then tucked the connectors and wiring in around it.

Reassembly was the reverse of disassembly, Everything fit well, and the headlight connector was in the right place to connect to the bike harness. The modulator does work very well. The light does actually turn off briefly, but it is only truly noticeable on slow motion video. The casual observer would never know, and close observation would probably leave you wondering. An argument could be made that it does not meet the FMVSS, but one can also argue that an LED won't light at 17% power anyway. I'm running with it.

Kisan site for this modulator is


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