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Keep it clean

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Hello, everyone.
I would like to start a thread about cleaning and keeping the bike in showroom condition.
I have black Valkyrie and to keep it clean with no swirls and minor scratches is extremely hard. Ive spent some time on and there are 4 options which coud be chosen:
1. Ignore dust, swirls and scratches - easiest and cheapest : )
2. Cleaner/Polisher/Wax applied by hand - affordable price and a lot of elbow grease.
3. Same as second but applied by orbital or rotary polishers - set will be a little bit more expensive than #2 but promises better results if used correctly. To me biggest problem is that there is not so much to polish with machine on Valkyrie and some places are hard to reach with it.
4. Pay some store to polish - 1 visit will cost more than #2 or #3 if store knows what and how to do.
ive tried #2 and I will give it 3 out of 5 stars. Paint looks deep, wet and even better than in showroom but minor clearcoat scatches and swirls are all there. I would say I was able to remove (actually hide) about 20% of scratches and swirls.
Now im thinking about approach #3 . Since I have all items from #2 (Ive got 'Forum Favorite' set from autogeek) I just need polisher and pads. But as I sad before - there is so few work for machine.
Please share your thoughts. May be somebody has best solution ever and can share with us.
Thank you.
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For me the best way to have a brilliant bike like new is to make it a cleaning after every ride.
The saletées or dust arrive drying to scratch the surface.
If it was the rain, I use the jet of water and washing with a mild detergent. Then I rinse and I dry the bike with a "chamois" to remove traces of water.
Otherwise, I often put a soft cloth with wax .
Do not think it's a chore, it's a pleasure to wash my moto
Well, if the weather is very ugly, it stays in the garage and use the 600 silverwing ... With him, I am less careful for cleaning
1. Ignore dust, swirls and scratches - easiest and cheapest : )
If it is nice enough out to clean the bike it is nice enough to ride the bike, so we just go for a ride.
great tips shared here, i think AMMO NYC had a video showing all the best things to do to clean your bike.
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