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IT is a HD

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I'm not trying to pick and hope they make a big turn around but this one is still HD playing catch-up.

It's an ugly beast with fat tires and itty bitty seat. Oh! This one is water cooled. :eek: What are they thinking with the exhaust set up? I do understand they are also attempting to please Europe.
This may be an answer to the Indian Scout.

From here:

This one's a mystery. The lines and general silhouette say "Sportster" to me, but it's definitely not a Sporty. Again with that 1250cc mill that a radiator hung on the downtubes?
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They had a good start with the Buell bikes and pissed them away. The XB12X was a much better bike than this and looked better too!.
why does HD always put the foot pegs in the wrong place on most of there bikes
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