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It don’t sit well

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The best thing you can do for your machines besides all the excellent care and maintenance you give it, is to ride it. This I do! I get tired sometimes of the same roads in my area but riding IT is something I’m compelled to do.

I always find something different in every ride and have moments of giddiness. I’m looking, smelling, feeling, re-focusing, thinking, praying, wondering, slowing down more than normal, going faster than normal, easing off from the stop, taking off fast from the stop, and so on.

I never pop a wheelie or blip the throttle. This ain’t the bike for that foolishness. :crying:

I ride on roads and think… man that was nice and then there are others I’ve been on and make a mental note to never go there again. I’ve ridden rides to nowhere(basicly every day) and then think back after getting home, where did I go on that ride. I don’t think about it too hard cause it doesn’t really matter. All that really matters is that I burned some gas, wore down some tires, killed some bugs, and came home to momma with a pleasing attitude and demeanor.

Oh! There is one road that I ride often and it has this really bad bump that I can never see. I think it is due to shade from trees. Every time I hit it, I tell myself to remember about where it is and then slow way down. I always forget and end up hitting it anyway. Oh! It hurts! Yep! It rocks my world. :D
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DP, that is why it is called Ride Therapy. your Ride over There and then you Pee. As for ALWAYS feeling better after a ride, some will say that you can't put into words what it is. I can. its called The HOOK. it is the same phenomena that Runners and other Athletes experience. it is known as Dopamine. the natural drug your brain gives you a shot of every time you do something it likes. which is why it is rewarding.

A bicycle and a motorcycle exhibit the same physical psychological mind set . The wheels act like gyros and want to spin perpendicular to the planet. So you experience a sense of weightlessness in balance. They say its as close to flying with out leaving the ground.. Now every movement in the lane, just little motions are much like a dance, a ballet. with every motion you are experiencing a micro positive G thru the center of your brain and it gives you that eeny teeny dose of dopamine that puts that shiteatingrin on your face. As you get hooked on this natural high, you want and need MORE. so you ride a little faster and take those corners at a clip. Exiting a well carved corner you light up with even a bigger drug overdose.. This is why you/we are not only addicted to riding, but are sad when we have to point our sleds home and put it away..

ok so now you know. poncho
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My best friend's wife got him a motorcycle a few years ago for his BDay. That became the OK for me to get one... wife had no say in it.

Last time we visited them, my wife explained(not complained) that I ride every day to his wife. She sorta looked surprised! My buddy undoubtedly does not have that luxury. I call riding life's opportunity. I exist to experience life.

So, my sweet wife understands the why. She doesn't always want me to ride but I believe she always likes the man that comes home.
So, my sweet wife understands the why. She doesn't always want me to ride but I believe she always likes the man that comes home.
yeah higher than a kite. whats not to like?
Sheesh...this is one. sappy. thread. ?????????
Sheesh...this is one. sappy. thread. ?????????

Agree 100%

whole web site is the same...
Maybe this will entertain you...

I was riding late yesterday afternoon and saw something I'd never seen before.

Up ahead something caught my eye moving in my lane and as I approached, I saw that it was a raccoon that looked as if it had been hit my a car right before I came along. It was twitching!

It bothered me. I've seen and dodged hundreds of animal carcasses over the years. Don't really bother me like the **** did. There!
Sheesh...this is one. sappy. thread. ?????????
Riding, Drug of choice. you can do worse
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