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Hello All...

I recently purchased a NOS Blue 2014 F6C down here in southern Louisiana as they seemed to be giving them away. Been through my fair share of bikes starting with a Yamaha 850Special, 750/920 Virago, Honda 1100 Sabre, VTR1000F, VTX1800, and F6C. If the other "classic cruisers" were what the motorcycle "was", the new version of the Valkyrie is what the motorcycle "will be". Comfortable, light on the stand, very maneuverable at low speeds, solid at highway rates, reliable, and smooth silky torque available at just about any speed. It was also affordable.

I have read many of the posts on the forum, and appreciate all of the input each member contributes. My first mod planned is to replace the grips with slightly smaller diameter ones, followed by a luggage rack (If I win the Powerball, I will 86 the rack and go for the Corbin bags... unlikely purchase otherwise), and a windscreen.

I plan to use it as a commuter bike and some longer hops from southern Louisiana to Colorado, so appreciate any and all recommendations.

If I discover anything that I might think useful to forum members, I will happily share.

Keep the rubber side down...

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