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Integrated LED tail, stop and turn lights

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I installed an integrated LED light on the rear that integrates all the rear lights into one LED light bar. It also has a mount for the license plate. it's call a fender eliminator but it really just eliminates the rear light housing, turn signals and license plate mount. I was surprised at the bulk of the stock system. It has some steel rod supports and weighs just over 3 pounds. The LED kit is almost nothing in comparison. It's made by diamondsproducts and cost $135.00 on ebay.

I'll follow up with some before and after video.
My review of it is; The lights are bright. i would say visibility is not diminished to any significant amount if any. Much lighter and in my opinion, greatly improves the look. simple mounting design but required drilling some extra holes in the ABS brackets to get a good flush fit. But it was easy to do. Biggest part of the installation is removing the rear fender.
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pictures before and after. Still trying to upload the before and after video from the rear view.


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great, I do not know if it is allowed (approved) in France but it gives a good look
videos before and after:

I do not see the videos?

I save the video off to a file and then open it.
Does the rear fender have to be removed to install if you have a non-ABS model?
Does the rear fender have to be removed to install if you have a non-ABS model?
Yes, the fender must come off. It's not that bad: Remove the seats and grab rails, and a couple push pins and it will come right off.
Thanks just ordered one.
tips: The instructions are generic. It says to place the short bracket (the one on the bike frame) on the outside of the large bracket (the one supplied in the kit). That is backwards. Put the large bracket in the kit on the outside of the bike frame mounting area. I used the existing 4 bolts to attach it. I had to drill two new mounting holes in the light bar bracket to raise the bracket flush with the fender lip. You can adjust the angle of that bracket depending on the height of the hole you drill. You can also make the holes over sized to give you some adjustability before you tighten the bolts.

For wiring connections, I cut the connectors off the factory lights and used heat shrink tubing to connect them to the new lights. That makes the connections easier and better than the supplied crimp connectors. You can always put the connectors back on the factory lights if you ever wanted to go back to stock in the future.

The dark green wires are ground. I just used one of those from a turn signal. The smaller black connector with 2 wires is you running light. The larger connector with multiple wires is your brake light. Just connect to either of the stripped wires for the brake.

Let me know if you have any questions after you get it.
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Where are you located want to do mine? Sounds like you got it down. Find anything to replace the front turn signals yet? I've been looking at LED Mirrors.
Where are you located want to do mine? Sounds like you got it down. Find anything to replace the front turn signals yet? I've been looking at LED Mirrors.
Just south of Charlotte, NC. I would be happy to help you with it. Bring it to my garage and we could knock it out in about a hour.
I'll let you know but I'll most likely knock it out at home. I'm going to do the center stand install at the same time as long as I have her apart. Thanks.
On the stand; long bolt and spacer right side. It's left hand thread!
Thanks for the input on the center stand. Installed it over my Christmas vacation. Didn't have time to do the rear light yet. Started thinking about the issue with safety inspections here in Virginia and called the Honda dealership and was told the rear light needs to be DOT approved and the Dept. of transportation has issues with rear lights that have the signals integrated into the brake light. What's you take on it? I'm not at home but I'm guessing that LED light isn't DOT approved.
Well the manufacture of the light just got back to me and stated the same thing the Honda and Harley dealership's told me and that this and any type of lights like this will not pass inspection. So now to chose do I want to deal with swapping the light out once a year and risk being pulled over at any given time?
bummer:( In SC we don't have MC inspections and don't get hassled over stuff like that. I've run integrated LED turn signals and tail lights for years with no issue.

Swapping the lights each year would be a pain I would not want to deal with.

So, how much is a fine for non-DOT lights or no inspection sticker? Could you chance it then put the stock lights back in and go to court for a reduction? Many times if you go to court with a ticket and show proof you have corrected the issue you get the ticket dropped or reduced and pay court cost. That's one option..
Never got a ticket so not sure what that deal would cost or be like dealing with. I'm going to wait until the next time I get it inspected than after that I have property in North Caroline I'll just put plates from there on it if I can get away with it. Or find a small dirty biker shop that can tag it for me and not care.
At least the rear lights on the Valkyrie look pretty decent even stock.

I used to ride a lot of sport bikes and had to deal with fender eliminators and light kits because the stock lights looked ridiculous.

I did add a modulator to the stock lights but I think that is legal everywhere.
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