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If you're reading this...

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In my part of the world Valkyries are as rare as a one-legged man in an arse-kicking contest so you can imagine my surprise when I see one (a Valkyrie, not a one-legged man) pulling into a garage a few blocks from my house! If you're the bloke from City Beach on the black Valkyrie, PM me. Lets ride!
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lol nice. I am stunned if I see one in the wild let alone down the street.
I am flabbergasted that there are zero valks anywhere near me. I doubt that I will ever see one.

I still do a search on craig's list just to see if any are for sale. There are a few stretched out in other areas of the country. I am both delighted and sad!

This machine really does get the strangest looks here in harley land.
I've made contact with the owner - we're going to catch up soon. I'm going to make up some "Valkyrie Riders Perth" cards, distribute them to the main motorcycle repair / tyre fitting places around town and ask them to give them to any Valkyrie owners they encounter. Would be great to have a ride group comprised solely of Valkyries. There's only one dealer of Goldwings here in Perth so I've also asked them how many Valks they sold since 2014 -will give me an idea of how big the group could be. Would be surprised if it's more than half a dozen though.
I have seen quite a few over the years. I never talked to any of them though. Usually, they are heading the opposite way.
I bet they are all just a bunch of silly weirdos that have this big thing and don't know what to do with it. And so we are all looking for others just like us, huh? :laugh:
The last bumper sticker i bought said "how does the idiot always get in front". Now "Hi, Bob, Valkaholic" or "Proud owner of the really big thing".
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mine is the only one i have ever seen.

paid for it and drove out of state with trailer before i ever got a look at her kinda like an arranged marriage .... glad i wasn't disappointed
Even though there are some Valks around...within 40 miles or so....I have only seen one out and about. Then I found out that the service manager at the local honda shop is the one that owns it. Now I can ride over and see it pretty much anytime. Not that I do. His is still all stock. I would like to see some with some custom touches.
The newer Valkyies are pretty rare. They didn't sell well when they released due to the off the wall styling. There are still new 14s and 15s to be had as of 2019. I love that these bikes are rare and just oddball.
I've never seen a valkyrie (2014+ model) except for my own, which I just bought 2 weeks ago. It was literally the only one in my state that I could even find for sale. Luckily it also happened to be the cheapest one in the country. Lol

But yeah, it is certainly a rare bike. Such a shame.
Not in Aus... 3 for sale second hand and that's it as far as I can see.
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