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I just bought my dream bike.

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Hey guys, I just put a deposit on a new 2014 Valkyrie in PA. I told the salesmen I won't be able to pick it up for a while because it snowed this past week, twice. The bike is still in the crate and he will build it the week before I pick it up. I'm hoping for the end of March. Come on summer! I sold my last bike a Suzuki GSX1100G about 3 years ago, got back more than I paid for it new. Prior to that I don't remember not having a bike. Got my first Honda Nighthawk 650SC, blue, when I was in college because I couldn't afford a new car, but I could afford a new bike. Then I had various Honda's and Suzuki's. My job gave me a used but nice BMW ST1100 to use for about 6 years. Being a big guy I never did like the butt in the air bikes. Big standard platform bikes were what I liked. I saw the Honda Valkyrie at Americade at Lake George in the late 90's and loved it but could not afford it and 3 bikes would lead to divorce. I recently had a life altering incident and realized that I really miss riding. Riding in NY is dangerous just based on the sheer volume of stupid people we have here. Driver do not respect bike and you have to ride like they are out to get you. I don't miss that but I do miss 4 AM rides out to Montauk, alone on the road. I miss the rode trips with my friends to PA, WV, VT and just short runs in CT and NJ. I did my research and know the Valkyrie is the right bike for me. I now have to go home and convince the wife. She loves me and can't be mad forever.
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Congratulations! It is a great bike and with the deals being made it is also a great buy. Lived in Norwalk, CT - NY area they talk on cell, drink coffee and change lanes randomly. Be careful. When you get the Valkyrie - try Delaware Valley Authority area, Bear Mountain, Woodstock, and 84 in NY/CT - great day trips from your area. I had a PA EZPASS for Motorcycles that mounts on the handlebars. Great for no stop tolls (and safer) on the bike and is good all over your area (even get a discount on tolls like GW).
I am sure you will like the Valk. You have had other bikes to compare it with. IMHO, it is the best of the trade-offs in building a motorcycle.
Picked up the bike this week with 0 on the odometer. My first impression on my first ride is dam this is a big bike. However it handles so lightly once you get it moving. Pulling out of a turn as a car was barreling down on me, pulling back on the throttle, WOW! I didn't realize what a large crowd would gather around it at the local PEP Boys, I thought someone had hit it and knocked it down, No it was just admirers. one happy guy here. Just taking it slow at first until I have a handle on this beast.
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Congrats, I just got a '14 this week. 3 miles on it, 3 hours later it had 200 miles on it...
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