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I heard this bike was a burnout machine...

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And I found out first hand it sure as **** is.

Now first off, let's get it straight that my hooligan days are far behind me. Ok, maybe not far behind, but definitely behind me. I don't scrape pegs with anywhere near the same regularity I did not too many years ago, and it's been a longer time since I've had anything less than two wheels on the ground. But I do still enjoy twisting the wick and stretching elbow and shoulder ligaments every now and again, which is part of what drew me to this bike in the first place.

And that's exactly what I did today on a brisk morning ride, half-heartedly chasing an 80's vintage Mustang that was hotrodding down one of the long, fairly empty local roads. Stop sign, one of my favorite launch pads because there's a clear view of a good distance of road ahead. He punches it and then chirps second gear. I'm waiting for a granny in a Camry to make her way across the intersection, then I give it a slap in the ass as I frequently do in that same spot, only this time I heard noises and felt sensations I've never felt on two wheels before: that beautiful screeching just above the flat-6 howl accompanied by a slightly squirrely back end. Oh that was lovely. I've wheelied a few bikes in my day, but that's the first time in all my years of riding I've cracked the rear wheel loose. **** that was fun. What a beast this bike is.
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hey Sleeping Bear i'm in the same boat good story!!
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