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I Dreamed

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I just read about how we humans have so many regrets. We often regret the things that we've done.

I always wanted to ride but had to put it on the back-burner for family and now I'm riding. No regrets here! It is big part of my life. Oh! I love this valk but it is still the ride that I look forward to most.

I would like to golf, fish, travel overseas or exotic locales, and so on. I don't miss these things. I ride.

I ride as often as I can and if weather allows. I'm constantly studying the weather. I sometimes get caught in rain. I'm often riding and never see another motorcycle. I know that I'm a nut!

I don't have to ride a long time or very far. An hour or several hours. Maybe 100 to 300 during the weekend.

I'm already seeing how the valkyrie will make this time even more enjoyable. I'm looking forward to it and of course, I'll have to talk about it.

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I never liked the Rocket. My cousin had one and my back was killing me after only an hour of riding. I guess that if it was mine I would do all the things to it that I did to my Valk, but I was not impressed with it. It was also a pig on fuel.
I love your attitude DP311. It takes a pretty heavy rain to keep me from riding everyday. Helps having this new Valkyrie to stay positive.
I see you can post photos at 25. I need to catch up so I can show some upgrades.
ok! rain is gone. 49 degrees and I ride.

Wind is strong and soon learn from major buffeting that I will need to adjust my new wind screen.

really nice not having full force of wind on my chest.

I am continuing to like the valk even more.

So smooth. So quick. So refined.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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