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How many made?

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Usually you can tell how many of a bike are made by the last digits of the VIN.

You can check your VIN here:

In my case: JH2SC6809EK000976

JH2 = Manufactured by Honda, manufactured in Japan (
SC680 = GL1800 variant? (
9 = Check digit (
E = 2014 (
K = Kumamoto factory (
000976 = Sequential "serial" number

So, there are at least 976 new Valkyries in existence.

(PS - Yes, for fun I did check to see if my check digit in the 9th place was correct!)
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I have 1049.. My guess is it was built on a Wednesday.It's that good. :D

the fuel pump was frozen when i bought it and they had to remove the tank and do something .................. smack it with a hammer probably
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2014 Valk, # 307

I asked Honda how many were made, but I'm not really expecting an answer.
If I get one, I'll be sure to post it.
Cool post 2014 # 32
The white Valkyrie was a custom paint job, Honda never made a white Valkyrie.
2014 blue #657
Correction 658
Finally heard back from Honda (when I asked how many were made) :

Thank you for submitting your web form to American Honda Powersports
Customer Support. The information you are requesting is proprietary
information, and we are not able to provide it to you. If you have any
further comments/questions, feel free to contact us at any of the
convenient communication methods above.
If I am reading mine correctly, my black 2014 is #0519 .
015 f6c, 0230 Real Red. not graple
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