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Honda Valkyrie Corbin Seats and Fleetliner Saddlebags

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Corbin has released a few products to help make your Honda Valkyrie more comfortable and more practical. Corbin has released Fleetliner hard saddlebags, a Gunfighter seat and a two-up Dual Touring saddle. I have to say that the seats look quite comfortable and the saddle bags look really sleek.

The Fleetliner saddlebags come with all the mounting hardware and cost $1,793.

The Gunfighter seat start from $393 and the Dual Touring seat costs $493. The cost of the Dual Touring goes up to $653 if you want the seat heated.

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To see these beautiful pictures, I have to admit though, that Gunfighter saddle bags + gives really good.

Blue all is top, I preferred my f6 in blue, but here it is black or red.

This saddle Gunfighter I have the same but for former F6C 1500, she was + bass but less comfortable than the original.

I would not go for bags but I find this very beautiful Corbin Gunfighter and if I could ...

I think our bike more outstanding!

Thank you all for photos

Funny how the black one looks purple ! Too bad it doesn't exist :D
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corbin products

Looks great! But will it last?
I have found over the years ,corbins products to be over priced, of poor quality, with terrible customer service. Seats not very comfy.
Maybe they have changed there ways?
I would not be the one to find out tho!
I know this is an old thread and all.

I have been trying to get the saddlebags for my '15.
Started the first of August and getting close to November now. Been through 2 clutch side brackets already and they still can't get it right.
I have never worked or rather bought anything from a company with such poor support. Many calls and emails. Everyone is so nice when you talk to them but horrible on follow up.

If you order them, you may want to give yourself several months and plenty of time to add and remove parts.

If anyone knows of a better company that makes a hard saddle bag that flows with the bike I would like to hear about them.
I bought the Corbins for my '14. They arrived quickly enough, but there is a problem with the fit. I took pictures and e-mailed them to Corbin and described the problems I had installing them. I got no response and sent them another message. I then e-mailed the package to the person who responded to my message, again no response. It seems sales are eager, but any problems, they won't help you. I have been debating riding down to Sturgis and taking the bike to their display to see what they will do. These bags, shipping, taxes and exchange cost close to $3000 Canadian and for that money, I expected better.
I had Corbin "Beetle bags" on my ZZR1200 when I bouight the bike. It took me a very short time to realize they were horrible to use. The bags were volumous, but you had to load them piece by piece because the doors are much smaller than the bags. Also, I went to a school and was given a 3 ring binder. It would not fit inside the bag. I quickly ditched them and bought Givi bags on SWMotech racks. they were awesome.

I wish I could figure out a way to get Givi bags mounted on my F6C.....
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