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Honda F6C Valkyrie vs Ducati Diavel Carbon

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Two distinctly different takes on the venerable power cruiser. While some may disagree at the overlap, ergonomics and bucket loads of torque disagree. Granted the differences are well differences, but its your money to spend, compare away...


F6C Valkyrie: $17,999
Diavel Carbon: $20,995


F6C Valkyrie: 716 lb.
Diavel Carbon: 498 lb.


F6C Valkyrie: 67.0 in.
Diavel Carbon: 62.1 in.


F6C Valkyrie: 28.8 in.
Diavel Carbon: 30.0 in.


F6C Valkyrie: 36 mpg
Diavel Carbon: 41 mpg

0-60 MPH

F6C Valkyrie: 3.4 sec.
Diavel Carbon: 2.6 sec.

1/4 MILE

F6C Valkyrie: 11.92 sec. @ 111.56 mph
Diavel Carbon: 10.39 sec. @ 130.12 mph


F6C Valkyrie: 101.7 hp @ 5330 rpm
Diavel Carbon: 131.3 hp @ 9020 rpm


F6C Valkyrie: 111.7 lb.-ft. @ 3920 rpm
Diavel Carbon: 81.4 lb.-ft. @ 7890 rpm


F6C Valkyrie: 125 mph
Diavel Carbon: 150 mph
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I have the valkyrie and my wife has the 2013 Diavel Strada , the Ducati is a very good bike but the dealer service is very expensive , parts is not easy to find and expensive and you have to think about the drive chain , not very good for long touring ride , i mean , need grease etc...... and not easy to adjust the tension.

The Ducati is more sport and lighweight than the Valkyrie , but in my opinion i prefer the Valkyrie , 6 cylinders engine is WOW !!!
Honda has Ducati beat in looks department

The Honda resembles a Transformer, and the Ducati looks like a Dragon Fly.;)
I'm amazed at the difference in torque at half the RPM's and if the bike didn't weight 200 lbs more I think it would be a land slide on the speeds and times. Remove the top end speed restrictions of the Valkyrie and I don't think it would be a fair fight. But then it wouldn't be the same bike racing. If you did the same mods to the Ducati and it would change things altogether again.
I have never understood a comparison between the 2 to be honest even though I have seen it done many times. To actually define each bike can be a bit of a grey area but to my mind they are not the same "type" of bike.

I was actually looking at one stage at the Diavel because hey it is awesome but then decided it wasn't the type of riding I wanted to do anymore. In the cruiser ballpark I would never put a Diavel. Maybe crazy giant wheel sports bike perhaps but never a cruiser ;)
I have both in my garage and they both have their pluses and minuses. I'm not sure why they are compared as they feel totally different to me. The Diavel is more sport than anything to me. It revs nicely, the power is fairly linear and it lets you know it's there as soon as you're off the clutch. In the twisties it's a fight because of that fat tire on the back. You're better off powering your way through the corners than trying to lean it if that makes sense. I'm more of a long distance rider and after about three hours on this thing I'm begging to get off but granted that's not what it's for. They market it for the track but without a narrower tire you'd wear yourself out very quickly in my opinion. It's a blast if you're not used to powerful bikes and all the electronics it has are very nice features. The RFID keyfob is my favorite along with the ability to switch power modes on the fly.

I just got the F6C and I love it! Granted it's new so that may contribute a lot to my bias right now :D. It's the most nimble bike in my garage and I've been surprised at how well it does everything since I rode it off the lot. I bought it for cruising on my "short" 2-4 hour loops around the city, or to the next city over or so, and it fills that space excellently. I'm 6'2" and used to riding a Road Glide with hwy bars etc. so I keep wanting to extend my legs when on a stretch of straight road and miss not being able to but I keep reminding myself that I don't want it too comfortable or it will replace my Harley lol. The power of this bike is fun compared to the Diavel. I don't worry about things getting out of hand on it, not that its incapable, but its so smooth its easy to keep it right where you want it. The Diavel gets over 100mph very effortlessly and as a spirited rider I have to make sure I check the speedo because I've often found myself going faster than expected for what I was doing at the time. Two things I've grown to love on bikes and wish the F6C had 1) electronic cruise control and 2) some type of keyless ignition. I love being able to lock and unlock the Diavel without taking the key out of my pocket. Even on the Harley I don't leave a key in the ignition to run the bike so I can keep in on my main keyring. I know bikes have used keys forever but old habits die hard. I hate having a separate key for the bike and all my other keys on a ring in my pocket. I've walked away from the bike more than once with the key in the switch lol. Anyway as was mentioned by others they are two bikes that fall into the vast miscellaneous category but I don't think are comparable within it. Different bikes for different types of riding in my opinion.
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I have both motorcycles, a 2011 Diavel and 2014 Valkyrie and I love them both. They are totally different bikes and both extremely fun to ride.
State Farms considers the Diavel a cruiser which doesn't hurt my feelings or my wallet. I sold my 2006 VXT 1800 for the Valk after looking at it for a year as I found a deal I could not pass up. I always loved the 1500 and wanted one for years. I am glad I waited for the 1832
Personnaly, i have just sold my 2015 Diavel full options to buy my F6C. No comparaison between these two bikes , except they re are both Muscles bikes.
Geez, some guys have some serious hardware. Must be single...
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The Diavel was the only other bike I considered when eventually getting my '14 Valkyrie in '16. Like Shrubbo, I based my ultimate decision on my age and riding style/preferences at this age, not my age 20-30 years ago. I'd always wanted a Ducati, had gotten over my love affair with Harleys and such, and almost made what would have been a big mistake. In the 4-5 years I've had enjoying this bike I now find myself 4-5 years older than when I made that decision. Who'd a thought??? The Duke is a wonderful bike, would love to have one if only just to look at in my home office, under glass, as simply a piece of art. Don't have the money or space for that kind of collection, unfortunately. It's really nice to look back on my Honda purchase, my first Honda excepting a lawnmower, and know I wouldn't change my mind even with years of hindsight and riding it. Lack of buyer's remorse is a very satisfying thing.
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