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Hiyas, the names Shane but I generally go by the name of Shrubbo. Born in 67 and live in QLD Australia and I really love my Valkyrie.

I had a gen 1 Hayabusa for 10 years and my mates started riding things like Honda Furies. Kind of fun, cool looking but the power drop from a 'busa to one of them was basically unacceptable for me.

So I wanted a cruiser sort of thing but with a bit of a go. I spent 2 years looking and dreaming of things like M109's, Hammers etc but nothing really went "Yep that's it". I was pretty much pissing my mates off by changing my mind ever other week.

I saw the Valkyrie when it came out in pictures, the blue one and to be honest it didn't float my boat and it was never considered again until December 2014 when I was walking down a street with a lot of bike shops and saw a Valkyrie in black and chrome and in the flesh. The boat was starting to float.

I went home and went hard into finding everything I could find out about it and every forum, post etc. Surprisingly not much but I was definitely interested. So much so I said to my mates "I think this is the one" and they laughed.

Christmas eve 2014 I went back to the bike shop and looked at it again. A couple of people came up to me covered in tats with various peices of Harley merchandise all over them (hehe no kidding) and said "What do you like about this thing?". I responded with "Well I haven't ridden one yet but the power, handling and reliability certainly have my attention" to which the female of the couple said "Well it looks a bit too Buck Rodgers for me".

Right then the sales man came up and asked "Can I help anyone" thinking I was part of a group too which they said "No thanks" so he turned away. **** that just about sold it for me right then so I said hey I am and got myself a test ride.

Came back, deposit, had to wait a week for my financial adviser to come back from holidays (longest week on record) to give me the nod and then another week for it to arrive, un-crated etc and then since mid January to now I have clocked 14000+ k's on her and I have never had so much fun on a bike.
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My long lost brother??;)
I watched a few of your videos, great job.

Welcome and don't be a stranger around here.
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