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I just finished pulling together a bunch of sources to respond to an inquiry on the Honda 1800 Valkyrie FBook site, Honda 1800 Valkyrie and thought it would be helpful to paste the consolidation here as well:

I looked into it, and if it were cheaper, or if my existing final drive needed major work/replacement, and if I had more patience, then I'd do it. Henry seems to have very good credentials, and the benefits appear to be quite significant for high mileage riders, those riding a lot at highway speeds, and those wanting to get more use out of the 1st 'walking' gear.

In Sept 2020, right after he was highlighted by an article in a Wing World , (see the Aug 7th post for a partial copy of the article) the price jumped up AND he became backlogged. His site says he's still sold out.

Here's more: One poster named, 'Strotter' was told it would be delayed until April (I didn't see what the original delivery date was) but he is still waiting. Others appear to have been delayed but received and 'worth the wait.'

Several folks over on GL1800riders forum have made the switch, mostly good reports, here is a link to yet another thread., ... 784/unread
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