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Hello New member from Torrance, California.

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Hello New member from Torrance, California.

Decided to take the plunge on a 2014 Valkyrie after checking it out at the Honda dealership. Had only seen the maroon colored one. Ordered the black one since it caught my eye on the official Honda YouTube video. When I picked up the Valkyrie at the dealership, I could not believe how nice this bike looked. I was a bit worried about how it would handle the twisties. Took it out and found a good hill with some good twisties. Bike exceeded my expectations. Wow!!! blew me away. So glad I got this bike. Great to be here amongst Valkyrie enthusiast.

Other bikes owned=
1979 Honda CBR750
2014 Honda RC51 1000r

Not owned but Ridden for a while
1989 Honda VFR700
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Welcome From Central Texas , yes the Fluffy girl can dance pretty well for her size .
Welcome. I pick up my 2014 Black ABS next week. Can't wait. Enjoy.
Thanks all. Checked my rear wheel and chicken strip is less than 1/4" from edge. Congrats on your new bike Gil.
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