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Hello gang! Nice to be here!

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Hi everyone,

I live in NH and do about 5k a year minimum. I have a strong background in Powersports and enjoy tinkering. My wife enjoys riding as much as I so I feel blessed owning this big bike.

I was with the VT cafe forum until last week when I stopped in the local shop and... Who knew! I bought a new 14 Honda Valkyrie. Honestly, the test drive and the price point were both amazing so here I am.

I can only hope I can enjoy all of you folks as I did over there. A good group of people at VT cafe. I'll miss them for sure.
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Welcome from Wis.
What color did you buy?
Welcome from Chicago. I love NH, my wife and I took a vacation there and had the time of our lives. The roads were in great condition and plenty twisty!

We are planning to move there eventually, but family obligations are keeping us in this cesspool for now.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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