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My story is unique. I had a 2001 ABS Goldwing I bought new #624 . After 50,000+ miles I sold it in 2011 on Ebay, quite story there, but the new owner was a happy bidder.

So for the last few years I was looking to replace it with something, I figured I'd get a Fury, as the Valkyries were too pricey.

Anyway looking all kinds of bikes the last few years and was on ebay and seen a brand new 2014 Blue Valkyrie (full warranty) from a Pete's Cycle in Baltimore, MD for $9,999!

Well, Now I'm the proud owner, and it's 2,300 miles away. :eek: I arranged shipping, it will be picked up Tuesday 4/18 and should be here the week after. I will take a video of this occasion.

Cheers Everyone!
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